Tanzania Honeymoon Safari


Tanzania is our favorite place to go on a romantic getaway. We’ll work with you to create a honeymoon that is both romantic and exhilarating, as well as luxurious. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll provide it.

Visiting this country will provide you with an unforgettable combination of adventure and romance. With great game watching opportunities and a diverse range of small, intimate, and authentic camps and lodges to choose from, many of which give the option of booking a private vehicle for game drives, Tanzania is a must-see.

In addition, you can combine your safari in Tanzania with some beach time on Zanzibar if you so desire! The majority of our guests who select Tanzania for their honeymoon like to begin their trip with a safari before relaxing on an ideal beach for a few days afterward. However, you can simply spend time on the beach first, followed by a safari — the decision is entirely up to you.

There is no doubt that when you speak to the majority of individuals, the issue of safari comes up most frequently while they are discussing their honeymoon. Because of the additional costs involved, as well as the time required to fly across Tanzania, it is understandable that over 60% of guests arrive as part of a luxury Tanzania honeymoon vacation package. With this in mind, and based on our previous experience with Tanzania and Zanzibar honeymoons, we’ve put together a bit of a check list, as well as some suggestions for places to consider for your honeymoon.