Family Safari Holidays in Tanzania


Tanzania is frequently praised as one of Africa’s nicest countries, and this is certainly true when it comes to family safaris. Tanzania, like its neighbor Kenya, is one of the few African nations where you can easily combine a beach vacation with a safari, and there is a wide choice of family safari alternatives to pick from. Please take a look at the many suggestions and solutions listed below.

Tanzania is a terrific place to take your family on a safari! We do not advocate traveling to the country with children under the age of six because it is located within Africa’s malaria belt. It is, however, a fantastic place for wildlife-loving children aged 6 and up.

Tanzania is difficult to top for sheer animal density! Game drives, for example, in the areas that make up the country’s famous Northern Circuit, are action-packed. These places are among the most cost-effective safari destinations in Africa for families. The cost of driving a vehicle is shared among the family, so the larger your group, the more cost-effective the trip becomes. The Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania’s southern region is also worth considering, and you can combine your safari with a beach vacation on Zanzibar!

Many houses in the north and south of the country are well-suited to families. They have family rooms or interconnecting rooms, for example. Swimming pools and larger common rooms are also available in some. A few firms also provide private activities for families, allowing you to be more flexible with your vacation.